July 18, 2009

Hey People (whoever reads this),

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever. Just busy. Sometime in August, I plan on moving on with my blog promo plan. I know my entries are tweeted. So just drop a comment.


Where Have I Been?

June 16, 2009

I know i’m about a week overdue for a post. I’ve just been procrastinating and having fun. You guys will get another post sometime this week.

Hey guys,

Don’t you find it funny when your online and you’re blogging on a site? And you’re a minor? You post sometimes and people say you should go outside? Truth is, these people don’t know you and they shouldn’t be judging you. To be honest, I’ve went through it and I’m contemplating on leaving. But anyway. Even though your young, you DO NOT tell anyone you’re young. I made that mistake and I have to pay for it (it’s not that bad). I go outside, I have friends. You shouldn’t even know that. But, hey they probably don’t have a life so why worry. Well, that was just a rant. ThisĀ is what a blog is for, lol. New blog manana.