Hey guys,

Don’t you find it funny when your online and you’re blogging on a site? And you’re a minor? You post sometimes and people say you should go outside? Truth is, these people don’t know you and they shouldn’t be judging you. To be honest, I’ve went through it and I’m contemplating on leaving. But anyway. Even though your young, you DO NOT tell anyone you’re young. I made that mistake and I have to pay for it (it’s not that bad). I go outside, I have friends. You shouldn’t even know that. But, hey they probably don’t have a life so why worry. Well, that was just a rant. This is what a blog is for, lol. New blog manana.




The Epitome Of…

May 24, 2009

Fakery. Yes, fakery. All of us have been around or surrounded by fake people. Trust me, I’ve had my experiences with fake pople. I’ve confronted them, but they still act fake as if they hate themselves. It wouldn’t hurt to be yourself for once, would it? No, not really. I find nothing wrong being yourself. What’s your experience with a fake person?