Here are some musicians I’m currently listening to:

Amerie-She needs THE BEST PROMOTION.
India Shawn-Up and Coming….
Electrik Red-Def Jam needs to promote them more
Misnomer(S)-On the Come Up
Nicki Minaj-On her grind
Ryan Leslie-He shouldn’t be slept on.
Hasan Salaam-One of the hottest underground rappers in my opinion.
Cory Gunz-He really needs that promo
Drake-Hottest out right now
Red Cafe-I hope Diddy does him good
Keshia Chante-Hottest Canadian R&B Singer that needs that U.S. promo.
I’ll do a part 2 on Friday.



May 24, 2009

Hey guys,

I’m just gonna push back the part 2. But, I wanna introduce you guys to this Brooklyn-based group. Their names are the Misnomer(s). Two sisters, Knewles and Sos (Sis on strings) are Korean sisters from Buffalo, NY. The idea for the Misnomer(s) came alive in 2005 when the sisters decided to start the group after finally settling in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant (reminiscent of Biggie). Knewdles, a rapper graduated with a degree in creative writing while SOS, the group’s violinist is a violin teacher recruited members Jimbo Manbimbo and Chesney snow to make the group complete. In 2007, Knewdles and SOS made their first television appearance on NYC Tv’s show, Asian America, talking about how the group came about. Here is some info on them:


Members: Knewdles, SOS (Sis on Strings), Chesney Snow, Jimbo

Album: American Eyes

Songs I Recommend: Bombshell, Undone, Woohoo, From Here, Knewdles & SOS

Label Situation: Currently unsigned.

Myspace Pages:,


Check’em out. Tell me what you think.



Everything, Anything.

May 23, 2009


Have you guys ever felt very bothered and upset about something? Like a current situation at your job or school? Specifically an issue with peers? I know I have. And it’s obvious that you guys must have felt the same. probably because of this situation stemming from a past issue. The issues i’ve been put through have upset me. But I kept strong at times. And whoever’s reading this, must have done the same. I’ll post a sequel manana. Goodnight, Oh, and shoutout to my main man JT Golant. Check out his blog:



P.S.: Here is some music for your soul

Amerie-Falling (Touch, 2005)

Amerie is VERY underrated. Check for her new CD coming in August.\Ameriemimarie\Itsmeamerie

Here’s an ER exclusive from a couple of years back. Shouts to I am RED from the Electrik Red Forum

New post manana.