Isn’t it Funny When…..

June 5, 2009

Hey guys,

Don’t you find it funny when your online and you’re blogging on a site? And you’re a minor? You post sometimes and people say you should go outside? Truth is, these people don’t know you and they shouldn’t be judging you. To be honest, I’ve went through it and I’m contemplating on leaving. But anyway. Even though your young, you DO NOT tell anyone you’re young. I made that mistake and I have to pay for it (it’s not that bad). I go outside, I have friends. You shouldn’t even know that. But, hey they probably don’t have a life so why worry. Well, that was just a rant. This is what a blog is for, lol. New blog manana.




2 Responses to “Isn’t it Funny When…..”

  1. No Mercy said

    they just say shit like that to hate. they really need to look at themselves before anyone else. some people prefer bloggin over other things. shit if it werent for computers id be in jail right now for kickin somebodys ass so they need to realize its no longer nerds with glasses using computers nowadays

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